Thursday, January 21, 2010

Allison Schulnik: Hobo Clown

Here is a video that was brought to my attention today by my printmaking instructor. Above are stills from the film. At first he was explaining to me how this particular artists utilizes impasto and uses it to build a three dimensional surface on her canvases. Then he mentioned this stop motion clay video that this artist made as an extension of her paintings. Here is a link to Allison Schulnik's film Hobo Clown (2008). Initially I was disturbed by the imagery but eventually found myself mesmerized by the movement of the clay. She made some interesting decisions as far as how she was choosing to manipulate and utilize the clays moldable qualities. I especially enjoyed the moments where she folded the clay onto itself during the open field scene and revealed the layers resting underneath. The melting was also a wicked cool part (boston accent).

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